Moving to rural America at this point isn’t just a choice, it’s a necessity. The world is heating up dramatically, with some places in the United States already reaching a point where it’s no longer habitable to live there. Pheonix, Arizona was over 110 degrees for over two weeks this year. Both the air and water around Florida was the hottest it’s ever been on record, so hot that the coral reefs in Florida are dying. The storms are stronger, the summers are hotter for longer, and it’s only going to get worse every year. What’s more, the economy in Florida and most of the urban portion of the United States has gotten to a point where home ownership and financial freedom is almost impossible to achieve. Society tries to convince that we just need to work even harder and sell our souls to just barely scrape by, but what we really need to do is the opposite: Instead of getting more money, we need to lower our expenses. Moving to rural America will allow us to buy cheap land where we’re free to live how we want to without government oversight. We can build our own houses, grow our own food, produce our own electricity, spend our lives enjoying nature, and make friends with other people like us who want to do the same thing.

Why Move To The Ozarks