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Why should we move to Missouri?

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Weed Is Legal

Missouri has recreational weed for anyone over 21. You can carry up to 3 ounces and two people can grow up to 12 flowering plants, 12 non-flowering plants, and 12 clones per household. You can also buy weed from any dispensary in the state without a medical card.

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Freedom To Build

Outside of big cities, Missouri has no building codes, regulations, permits, or inspections. We can build whatever we want, whenever we want, out of materials we get from the land just like our ancestors did it.

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Better Weather

Missouri has four seasons with mostly mild summers and winters. The peak of the summer can creep into the 90s, but the evenings are always high 60s. It snows in the winter, but usually not too bad. Spring and fall are perfect for going outside and enjoying nature. Flannel and hoodies can be worn year-round.